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The Toronto Rainbow Reef Rangers is a non-profit Ontario based diving club that promotes recreational scuba diving in the gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgendered and transsexual (GLBTT) community.

TRRR meets about every 6 weeks for a weekend potluck brunch, and offer a number of diving opportunities throughout the year. We maintain close relationships with other similar scuba clubs around the world, and we participate in the annual Diving For Life international gay scuba jamboree raising money for local health charities.

TRRR meets the needs and interests of our members by:

Organizing discounted dive trips (local diving and Southern diving) and social activities

Providing opportunity for those who want to try scuba diving to take the first steps towards certification

Promoting skill development, new dive experiences, and increased confidence in currently certified divers

Creating a social network that increases the availability of GLBTT dive buddies

Sharing member knowledge and dive experiences such as information on dive courses, dive shops, equipment and dive destinations

Providing Ontario Underwater Council (OUC) membership with TRRR membership

You must be a paid member of the club to participate in club sponsored dives (all official TRRR club dives are first sanctioned through the Ontario Underwater Council)


What Kinds Of People are TRRR Members?

Most members are divers, ranging from beginners to 20+ year veterans. You do not need to be a scuba diver to join, as we welcome those who prefer to sunbathe and snorkel or wish to join their diving companions on their trips. We also welcome those who have connections to other dive communities as well.


Does The Group Offer Instruction?

We do not offer instruction as a club, however, the group does have professional divers as members who can recommend dive shops / schools in your area. Our club occasionally will arrange discover Scuba experiences with a local dive shop for those interested in trying out Scuba in a pool.

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