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The Discover SCUBA Diving Experience

This section is for all those wanting to try Scuba Diving!

Though TRRR is not a certifying agency or club, we occasionally will co-ordinate PADI Discover Scuba experiences in the pool with a local dive shop.

(TRRR has used Watersports for several past Discover SCUBA introductions)

These events are specifically catered to those in our GBLTT community, so please come out and give diving a try in a comfortable setting. A small fee may be charged by the dive shop for expenses of holding Discover Scuba Experiences. A few TRRR members will be at the pool to help out so come along and say hello.

Masks, fins, snorkels, weights and Scuba units will all be provided by the instructing dive shop.

After a brief lesson on the pool deck students will be able to dive in the pool for about 30 - 45 minutes.

Please review and have the paperwork items filled-in before you attend a pool session:

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PADI Discover Scuba form (in Acrobat PDF format)


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Download ACROBAT READER to view and print online forms


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